• everyone: wow, i really wish justin bieber would get his act together he's out of control
  • justin bieber: *publicly is trying to better himself*
  • everyone: well he's only doing that for publicity, remember when he got arrested? remember all of the times he fucked up? why does he even try
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hey guys!! first off, i apologise for the edit :/// secondly, i don’t want to bore you with a big ass paragraph but here goes anyway :pp although i may not be on as often as i would like and i barely speak to you guys bc i am shy and boring as fuck, i want to thank you so much for following me and being the best followers everrr!! this is my 4th year on tumblr and i’ve been through too many fandoms to count so i also want to thank y’all for sticking with me during all of those aha… i love u all soooo much and i wish you the best of summers - you deserve it!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

ps. i’m sorry if i’ve forgotten anyone or spelt your url wrong!! if you think i have, just message me and i’ll add you/edit your name
pps. follow all these blogs!! they are amazingly kind and funny

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